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Who We Are

www.alvinmanvelchamber.org - Alvin-Manvel Chamber of Commerce The Alvin-Manvel Area Chamber of Commerce is an all volunteer partnership of businesses and professional people working together for the betterment of the community.  The Chamber is supported through membership fees.  Members are referred to as “investors,” because they are truly investing in their business and community.

One of the many purposes of the Alvin- Manvel Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote the community to help increase tourism and stimulate the economy. The Chamber has created activities and events which have become area traditions, and we continue to search for additional opportunities to promote the area.

What We Can Do For Your Business We realize that operating a business is demanding and time consuming. The Chamber acts as your partner, using a variety of resources to help promote your business and increase its potential.  Your dues are an investment and your return is the continued growth and prosperity of our community.  Business activity at specific shops and industries is generally tied to the area’s economic health.  Some of the actions taken by the Chamber to stimulate the area’s economic and business growth and well being are:

  • Developing marketing strategies, advertising and activities which promote area businesses
  • Conducting direct business with investors through bidding
  • Referring potential clients to investors
  • Marketing the area to encourage and attract new business
  • Sponsoring events which promote tourism and civic pride
  • Providing a communication network for local business leaders
  • Partnering with the city, county, and schools to identify and address problems and find solutions
  • Offering a forum to keep citizens aware of and informed of local and state legislation and activities that affect area businesses


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