What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors act as liaisons between the Chamber and the Alvin-Manvel area for the purpose of promoting member participation and goodwill within the Chamber’s framework. They are volunteer business professionals.  Members attend monthly Ambassador meetings, ribbon cuttings, and various Chamber functions throughout the month.

  • The term for an Ambassador is limitless one year terms
  • If an Ambassador changes employment, the Ambassador may simply change member representation and purchase another name tag and continue on as an Ambassador.
  • If an Ambassador resigns from employment, the Ambassador may continue on as an Ambassador for up to three months while transitioning to new employment/member representation.  The Ambassador may not be considered for any awards while not representing a current dues-paying Chamber member but will still be expected to meet point quotas.  At the end of three months, if the Ambassador is not employed by or does not represent a current dues-paying member, he/she must resign from the Ambassador team.
  • June and December of each year, points will be reviewed for the purpose of evaluating the semi-annual minimum accumulation.  Members not meeting the point goals will be placed on probation.  If the annual goal is not met by year end, that person will no longer be a member of the program.
  • The chair of this organization will be selected by popular vote by the Ambassador Team each year.  Interested Ambassadors must inform the Chair and/or Chamber Staff so they may be included on the ballot.  The selection will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval.  If the Board of Directors does not approve the selection, the Chamber’s newly elected Chairman of the Board may appoint an Ambassador Chairman of his/her choice for the role.
Qualification Period

Being an Ambassador means participation.  To qualify, a member should actively participate in chamber events for at least three months and attend a Membership Advantage New Member Breakfast. Requests will be considered by the Ambassador team at monthly meetings.Upon selection by the Ambassador team, the prospective ambassador must meet the financial investment obligations before officially considered an Ambassador.  The financial investment includes the purchase of a shirt and name badge.



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